DJ Services & Pricing

Rates start at $60/hour (small events that do not need a sound system supplied) Wedding services begin at a flat rate of $400 and are dependent on the needs of each specific wedding. Some variables that influence price include A separate sound system needed for audio... read more

Thomas Brando Consulting

Image is so much more than dress. It is the Art of Etiquette. It is the ability to build and maintain meaningful relationships, personally and professionally. It is the understanding of your environment and the self-awareness to navigate that environment as best as... read more

Re-purposed Bass Guitar into Hanging Clock

This bass was my 1st practice bass from middle school.. it was rusted out when I recovered it from the my father’s basement but I couldn’t just throw it away so… …now it tells time. The quote reads: “Life goes by at 60 beats per minute.... read more

Logo for Heel A Heart, Inc (@HeelAHeart)

This logo was done for Heel A Heart, Inc, a Non-Profit Organization, that is centered around, motivational speaking, mentoring and lending a helping hand through motivational seminars, community service projects and mentoring engagements for women of all ages. Email... read more